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Tips – The Right Way to Prepare for Auto Transport

YoRight Way to Prepare for Auto Transportu’re preparing to move across the country and you have already signed the paperwork with the auto transport company to haul your car for you. Here are some handy tips for you so you’ll better understand why some things need to be done while other things are definite no-no’s when it comes to having a car transported with a professional car shipper.

Things You Should Definitely Do:

Make sure you clean everything out of the car as thoroughly as possible. Since your car will be heading down highways and stopping to fuel up, many people will be around the car and you definitely don’t want to entice anyone to steal anything they may see through the windows. If you have CD’s or a removable stereo you will want to pull those items from the car before it is loaded onto the truck for transport. You will also want to clean the car to be sure no debris will begin flying off of it while it’s speeding down the interstate at 60mph potentially flying into someone else’s car. You also want to make sure you vacuum or steam clean the interior of the car. Having a completely clean car allows you to see any dirt or damage that may incur when moving the car much easier than you would be able to if there were dirty floor mats or seats. Debris inside of the car can fly around during transport potentially damaging the interior.

When the driver arrive to load the car onto the carrier you need to make sure that a complete inspection is done and to better safeguard yourself it’s a good idea to take some time/date stamped pictures of the car. With pictures you will be able to see scratches or dents that can happen during shipment that you may not have noticed without the pictures. The driver will do an inspection at the time of pick-up as well as when the car is delivered and you will both need to sign the inspection report.

Definite No-No’s

Now that you are aware of some things you should definitely do when preparing your car to be transported, let’s talk about some things you want to steer clear of. Although you are moving to a new state you won’t want to pack anything inside of your car while it’s being transported unless you are using containerized car transport. For open transport, which is by far the most common way to transport a car, you will want your car to be completely empty. While it may be tempting to try to pack some things inside, it is not only a temptation to thieves at the fuel stops but it is also very dangerous to have things inside a car during transport. Think of it this way. If you have a CD collection sitting in your car as it speeds down the interstate and the transport truck has to stop suddenly because of an accident or a traffic back-up, your CD collection is now a dangerous item in your car as it flies all around potentially cutting into your seats or even busting your windows out. Even worse, it flies through the window and hits someone potentially causing bodily harm. So you see, it is always safest to make sure nothing is left inside the car.

Another thing that is a definite no-no when having your car transported is fueling up right before the car is loaded. While most people enjoy having a full tank of gas when driving around in town, having a full tank when hauling will cause the transport carrier to use more fuel due to the heavier weight thus costing you more for the cost of fuel to transport your car. You don’t have to drain the fuel all the way out but try to keep it at ¼ tank or less when having it shipped.

Your shipping agent will go over all the details of things you need to do when preparing your car for transport. While the items above are usually pretty standard, there will be other things you may need to do as well depending on the method of shipping you’re using and the distance your car is travelling. When you’re ready to have your car shipped anywhere in the United States or to countries around the globe, call Professional Auto Shippers let us take care of all of your car shipping needs.


Image Courtesy : freedigitalphotos.net /  Gualberto107

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