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The Auto Shipper Needs My Car Keys?

The Auto Shipper Needs My Car Keys? It’s moving day and you’re excited as you see the automobile transport driver coming down the road to pick your car up for the move. When the driver pulls up he gets out of the truck and introduces himself to you and then proceeds to walk around your car performing an inspection. That’s great to see him working hard to make sure your car is in good condition for the long trip it has to make on the transport truck. Once he completes the inspection and you have both signed his paperwork, he asks you for the spare key to your car. Why does the driver need a key to my car? After all, the car won’t be driving anywhere. Right?

My Car Is Not Being Driven!

Although your car is going to be transported on the truck and won’t be driven during the journey, there may still be times when it will have to be moved. When cars are shipped throughout the United States and even overseas, there are often other cars parked either in front of them or behind them on the transport carriers that will have to be moved off before your car is. When this happens, the driver will need your keys in order to move your car forward or backward to allow the other car to be driven off at their stop.

How Car Shipping Works

When automobiles are loaded onto a transport carrier the driver tries to make sure they are loaded in the order they will be delivered. Often, cars are not picked up in the same order as the delivery. The driver will drive your car onto his carrier truck when he arrives for pick-up and he will make sure the car is secured in place for transport before he leaves with it. At the next pick-up location along the way he may need to back your car up in order to load another car in front of yours because the next car may have a later delivery date than your car. There are many stops along the way with a car transporter and usually each car on the truck will have to be moved at some point during shipment. The driver will take care of every car on the transporter and rest assured that your car will arrive in the same condition it was in when it left the point of origin.

Ready to Have Your Car Transported?

When you’re ready to have your car transported by a reputable company you need to contact Professional Auto Transport for superior services and the best performance ratings in the auto transport business. We provide quality shipping for all of our customers nationwide.

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